About Us

Support For Planet Foundation identifies organizations that support real causes, we work with them to help reach their fundraising goals.

Our Mission

Supporting charities our community believes in by helping them reach and exceed their fundraising goals with the hope of making the planet a better place for all.

Our Vision

Supporting causes that make our planet a better place.

Our Promise

How You Can Help

You want to help others

We help you to find a cause you want to support

Together we support the planet

Who We Serve


Support For Planet offers a platform that provides donors with the resources and information they need to make informed decisions with the dollars they give. We provide our donors with a list of charity partners and track each charity’s impact against a few key measures to show the results that each charity has accomplished.


We have a large network of people who want to make a difference in the world. People who want to be part of their communities and get involved with the causes that they believe in. We help our volunteers connect with charity partners to find events in their local communities that they can be part of.


Support For Planet knows that running a non-profit is challenging and that it can be difficult collecting donations. We identify organizations that make an impact on the causes our community believes in and we support their fundraising efforts.