Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions We Receive From New Users

  • General Information
  • Why Support For Planet?
  • How Much Can I Donate?
  • Tax Deduction Certificate
  • I Don’t Want My Name On The Donor’s List
Support For Planet Foundation is a crowd-funding platform that helps people and organizations raise support for charitable causes.  Support for Planet Foundation believes that people have unprecedented power to leverage their personal networks to raise money for charity. Support For Planet Foundation’s custom-built platform makes raising funds easy.  The company has a proven record of designing innovative crowd-funding strategies, organizing fundraisers, and providing powerful tools that allow users to raise the most money for their cause and share their compelling philanthropic stories with their personal networks.  The site lets anyone turn their personal contacts into an active base of donors for any cause.
Support For Planet Foundation helps people and organizations fundraise for charitable causes.  There are many causes for which we need donors.  Our goal is to fundraise for the community and distribute these funds to existing and proven organizations. We are committed to supporting our community. Donating to Support For Planet will help change the world and make it a better place for all.
Please donate any amount big or small that you are able to afford.  Donating money is a very personal decision, so there is no right or wrong amount.  According to several large charitable foundations, on average a person donates 3 to 5% of his or her adjusted gross income.  Each year you can set a goal to achieve your “personal best” by giving more than the previous year. Your donation may be tax deductible
Yes, Support4Planet is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization and your gift is tax-deductible.  We will send you the deduction certificate 60 days after your donation. You should consult your financial planner or tax adviser to determine the exact tax advantages of any gift you are considering.   If you need a copy of the receipt or need a receipt for your annual giving please call +1 (800)-972-4958.
You can donate anonymously through our website.  Just please specify that you would like for your information not to be shared.